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Mortgage brokers handle all the paperwork and red tape

Only one application form to access most funds

 Mortgage brokers do the research and find the best rates available for you

 Brokers do the credit searches rather than each individual bank

 Saves you time and money


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Trinity Mortgage
is a well-established full service mortgage brokerage firm serving Vancouver Island and the surrounding areas 

Collectively the Trinity Mortgage team has over seventy years of lending and financial services experience 

Trinity Mortgage 

handles all aspects of mortgage financing needs from commercial
fixed-rate mortgages to project financing to all aspects of the residential market 

No mortgage is too big
or too small for us

Your Full Service Mortgage Brokerage Firm  -  Commercial  -  Residential  -  Construction  -  Industrial  -  Conventional  -  Private


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Why use a mortgage broker?

Why use Trinity Mortgage?

 Serving Victoria and Vancouver Island area for over twenty-five years 

 Ability to handle all types of projects from residential to commercial to construction 

 Access to private and bank funds 

 Experienced with
self-employed clients and immigrants 

 Independent firm rather than with a financial institution and thus unbiased

 We work for you not the banks 

Trinity Mortgage has private mortgage funds available for clients that may not qualify for a conventional mortgage or have need of short-term first or second mortgage funds.

Private mortgages are funded on a custom basis with the funds coming from a private lender or lenders. Interest payments are paid directly to the lender usually on monthly basis and the interest rate charged is determined by the loan to value ratio, type of property, and other overall factors of the loan and borrower’s situation.

Whether for a purchase, consolidation, construction, or transition mortgage Trinity Mortgage can help you determine if a conventional or private mortgage is for you. 

Trinity Mortgage can also help you develop and plan an exit strategy for paying out the private mortgage with a more than likely lower cost institutional lender.

If you are interested in investing in private mortgages please make contact with us. We would be pleased to meet with you to walk through the process.

Private Mortgages

Sample of a private mortgage recently arranged
by Trinity Mortgage:

Second mortgage


10% interest rate
85% loan to value ratio
Two year term

1% investor fee
2% brokerage fee